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The navigation bar at the top of every page is called the Launchpad. This view allows for easy manipulation of data within the results grid and offers access to individual records through links. The tabs on the Launchpad may vary depending on what page or record is being displayed.


Click on the rocket icon to navigate to various homepages. Homepages are grouped together by category.

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Click on the star to view queries and records that have been saved to Favorites.

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Click in the Search bar to quickly look up individual records or queries. Note that the Search tool is also available in the expanded navigation bar.

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Click on the lightning bolt to run procedures. Available procedures are dependent on homepage, query, or detail screen in use. Currently the only action available is to export results to Excel.

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Click on the plus icon for options to overwrite or save queries or bookmarks to Workspaces.

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Click on the clock to see most recent search history. This icon allows for easy navigation to previously-viewed detail screens and query results.

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Click on the squares icon to view Workspaces. Workspaces are folders used to save queries and records.

Query Results

The results of a query present your data as requested through the parameters set on the query design. This view allows the easy manipulation of data within the results grid and offers access to individual records through hyperlinks.

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Results Grid

This screen displays after ‘Run Query'. Each column in the results originates from a field in the query design.


Drill down options in the results grid are indicated in blue. Check the column header to understand what type of record is accessible through the link.

Status Indicator

The asterisk symbol next to the query name indicates that this query has been modified from the default template. The symbol also appears in the URL at the top of your browser. To revert back to the default, simply remove the asterisk from the URL.


To change your query settings, click the Design link. This link will bring the user back to the query design page to redefine your search.


Click on the lightning icon to export this set of query results to Excel.


Click on the plus icon for options to overwrite or save queries to Workspaces.

What is a Query?

A query is the primary tool you’ll use for finding detailed information, displaying that information in various formats, and performing actions using your results.

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Search Fields

Can’t find a field? Use the search bar to type the name or part of the name of the field in question.

Available Fields

This list presents a full catalog of possible fields. Double click on any field to pull it into query design.

Included Fields

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Use the drag and drop icon to rearrange the order of fields.


This icon indicates which fields will be displayed.


Use this icon to set a sort order on query results. Clicking once sorts ascending; twice descending; Shift + Click removes.

Sort Level

The sort level number displays the level of sorting applied to the field.

Remove a Field

Too many fields? Click the red X icon to remove a particular field from query design.

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This setting answers the “how” question: how to search for data in this field?


This setting answers the “what” question: what specific data is needed in this field? Use a semi-colon to indicate “or”, so “alge; azer” translates as “this country name begins with alge or azer”


‘Run Query’ will provide results based on query design.


The Workspace functionality allows you to save queries (reports), bookmark sample queries or records in locations which are shared by people using the same login. Queries and bookmarks should be treated as temporary (since any user may accidently remove them from the workspace), and queries which have not been run for over a year could also be removed by the system.

Workspace Access

Use the squares icon to open the Workspace Overview. The icon is accessible from all pages including queries and details screens.

Save items to a Workspace with the plus sign “organize” button on the Launchpad. Save a new query, bookmark an existing one, and optionally add it as a favorite.

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The Queries section offers a full list of reports saved within the Workspace. Saved reports display in alphabetical order for easy navigation.


Bookmarks are links to the sample queries provided on the various home pages.


Individual records can be bookmarked and saved to a Workspace. Use the Records section to access frequented locations quickly and efficiently.

Favorites (the “Star” icon)

Add frequently used reports to your favorites list. Favorited reports can be located with the star icon.

Workspace creation and deletion

Within an existing Workspace, additional sub-Workspaces can be created by clicking the “Add Workspace” button. Named workspaces can be seen by anyone using the same login so treat them as an envelope you’ve left yourself on a noticeboard.

Since these are available to all users in the organization, Workspaces can only be deleted by email. Workspaces named something to indicate “Please Delete” will also be periodically removed.

Add Notes

The Notes section can be used to offer a description of the contents within a Workspace.