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Archived news items from 2004
1 Jul 2017
Scripture translation and distribution
The latest languages to receive scripture translations and the subsequent distribution of scriptures data are included in the regular updates this quarter.
1 Apr 2017
Middle East minority religions
Population estimates for minority religions in Northern Africa and Western Asia, including the Middle East, have been updated ...
1 Jan 2017
Cities and Christians
The number of Christians from AD 33 to AD 1800 is now available, together with a new standardized definition of 'cities' ...
1 Oct 2016
Denominations 2015
Denominations now have data or projections to 2015...
1 Jul 2016
Evangelization, Indicators, and Anglicans
The World Evangelization Research Center collected data across multiple disciplines, having found each to have its own impact on world evangelization ...
1 Apr 2016
People groups and Ethnicity
The inclusion of this analysis by races, peoples, tribes, and cultures is an affirmation of the centrality of indigenous cultures to local expressions of Christianity...
1 Jan 2016
Scripture translation and distribution
Data from Bible agencies around the world are added annually ...
1 Oct 2015
Population update
WCD has incorporated the latest (2015) population revision from the United Nations.
1 Jul 2015
Ethnologue updates
The 17th printed edition of the Ethnologue ...
1 Apr 2015
Personal contact between Christians and non-Christians
The percentage of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims who personally know a Christian ...
1 Jan 2015
Christian Finance
The personal income of church members in 2015 is now estimated to be 42,000 billion dollars ...
1 Oct 2014
Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions
Search or browse through 7,000 institutions of theological education with this new module ...
1 Jul 2014
Least evangelized Peoples
247 Peoples each with over 1 million persons and less than 50% evangelized.
1 Jul 2014
Martyrs 2000-2010
Each year 100,000 believers in Christ have lost their lives prematurely, in situations of witness, as a result of human hostility ...
1 Apr 2014
Updated to 2015 plus documentation revision.
WCD is now updated from mid-2010 to current data projections for mid-2015…
1 Jan 2014
South-Central Asia, 2030, Independents and Evangelicals
Four important but unrelated changes are included in this quarter’s update…
1 Oct 2013
Population update
WCD has incorporated the latest (2012) population revision from the United Nations.
1 Jul 2013
Why "Quarterly" Updates
Why not daily, or weekly or monthly … Quarterly updates are not only opportunities to introduce completely new features or fields or modules to the Database, as is often the case, but every update inherently includes the results of a further three months of research.
1 Apr 2013
2015 and 2020
Two additional data points are now available in the religion over time series …
1 Jan 2013
Evangelicals 1970-2010
Another six new fields show Evangelicals by denomination over time …
1 Oct 2012
Renewal over time
Pentecostals and Charismatics 1970-2010, are shown by denomination in six new fields …
1 Jul 2012
Country memberships
A new feature of the World Christian Database allows analysis of data by groups of countries...
1 Apr 2012
Daily religious change
New fields highlight the 24-hour change in religions
1 Jan 2012
Evangelicals by denomination
Some denominations are 100% Evangelical; others have smaller Evangelical movements within them.
1 Oct 2011
Renewal by denomination
Pentecostals and Charismatics are now shown for the first time by denomination.
1 Jul 2011
Population and Provinces
The world's newest provinces and countries are updated to the UN's latest population revision...
1 Apr 2011
Chronology extended
The 'Chronology of world Christianity' has been extended back to BC 3000.
1 Jan 2011
Peoples research
As people groups change so does the country’s religious makeup.
10 Oct 2010
Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles officially ceases to exist ...
1 Oct 2010
The demographics of Christian martyrdom, AD 33–AD 2001.
7 Jul 2010
Global Plans
A new module analyzing 1500 plans to evangelize the world from AD 30-AD 2000.
31 Mar 2010
Denominations, languages, countries
Denominations now have 2010 projections; new languages from Ethnologue 16th Edition; and new Country names...
1 Jan 2010
Updated to 2010
WCD is now updated from mid-2005 to current data projections for mid-2010...
1 Oct 2009
Population update
WCD has been updated to reflect the latest population revisions from the United Nations.
22 Jul 2009
Denominations in South Korea
Preliminary results from four surveys in South Korea ...
1 Apr 2009
Health indicators
Malaria cases per thousand is a new field added this quarter...
2 Jan 2009
Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgystan and Indonesia
Changes to the official spelling of country names do not happen frequently nor lightly ...
1 Oct 2008
'A chronology of world Christianity' is a major new module of the World Christian Database, available from today.
1 Jul 2008
Detailed examples and church membership
The Detailed Examples home page has been revamped with new queries...
1 Apr 2008
Church membership
With today's update, most countries have had a significant strengthening of their 2005 church membership data...
19 Feb 2008
Kosovo and Serbia
Following Kosovo's declaration of independence, WCD data on Kosovo and on Serbia have been separated and updated.
4 Jan 2008
Population update
WCD has been updated to reflect the latest population revisions from the United Nations.
10 Dec 2007
WCD Citations in 2007
Recent citations of the World Christian Database include National Geographic, The Economist, The Washington Post, Encyclopaedia Britannica Almanac and the The Wall Street Journal.
1 Oct 2007
Scripture translations
The latest languages to receive scripture translations are included in the regular updates this quarter.
20 Jul 2007
Census update
We have recently incorporated data from censuses taken from 2000 to 2006.
23 Apr 2007
Brill publisher of the WCD
We are proud to announce that as of today Brill is the exclusive publisher of the World Christian Database.
22 Sep 2006
Ethnologue code update
Ethnologue language codes have been updated to those used in the 15th edition of the Ethnologue.
5 Jul 2005
Search results
Searching for data can be frustrating when nothing matches your search terms...
27 May 2005
Christian Communions and Councils
Each denomination has been coded by its membership of various Christian communions and councils and this data is now available to subscribers.
8 Sep 2004
Updated to 2005
WCD is now updated from mid-2000 data to current data projections from mid-2005...
1 Jan 2004
World Christian Database Highly Acclaimed
The World Christian Database and the World Christian Encyclopedia are world-renowned for their content quality and comprehensive view on religious statistics.