World Christian Database

Denominations 2015

New data fields have been added for Denominations in 2015 so the main reporting year for Denominations has now moved from 2010 to these new data or projections for 2015. Most denominational queries will now show affiliated membership in 2000 and in 2015, along with the 15-year growth rate. Affiliated data fields for 1970, 2005 and 2010 are still available for adding to any query, and all years are shown in each denomination's detail screen.

The new data fields cover Affiliated members, Number of Congregations, Percent Evangelical and Percent Renewalist, together with calculation fields for percentage of country and percentage of Christians.

The research process which moves from projections to hard data is well under way and will progressively cover all denominations. For example, data for each diocese of the Roman Catholic church has been updated to align with the 2016 edition of the Vatican’s Catholic Church Directory (Annuario Pontificio). Data from other denominational year books or statistical sources are added as they become available.