World Christian Database

Personal contact between Christians and non-Christians

In order to estimate the number of non-Christians who have personal contact with a Christian, a formula was developed and applied to each ethnolinguistic People Group. Results were summed and presented in the Atlas of Global Christianity (2009) as regional and global totals, expressed as the number and percentage of:
  • Non-Christians who know a Christian

  • Buddhists who know a Christian

  • Hindus who know a Christian

  • Muslims who know a Christian
These data are now available in the WCD on the new Personal Contact section of the Religion home page, with sample queries showing:
While these fields can be seen under the ‘Personal Contact’ tabs in the detail screen of each Country and could also be added by users to any query at the Country level, it is suggested that reporting would be most helpful when confined to regional, continental or global totals.

Brief methodological notes are extracted from the Atlas of Global Christianity, Edinburgh University Press, 2009, p.350.

For the most complete discussion see Todd M. Johnson and Charles L. Tieszen, ‘Personal Contact: The sine qua non of Twenty-first Century Christian Mission’, Evangelical Missions Quarterly, October 2007, pages 494–502.