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Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions

The Global Directory of Theological Education Institutions is an online database of more than 7,000 institutions of theological education (church-based theological seminaries, Bible schools, university departments of theology, faculties of religious studies).

This new module allows World Christian Database users to search for institutions or browse though selected listings by using links on the new Theological Education Directory home page. A link to this displays on the main query home page as "Theological Education".

Advanced searches can be carried out from any of the sample queries by adding a combination of search terms for any of the fields in the institution's profile including:

    Type of institution
    Language of instruction
    Town/city, state and country
    Region of the main office and the geographical scope of work
    Degrees offered
    Accrediting body

The data are a snapshot of the directory at where authorized users can update the details of their own institution.