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Least evangelized Peoples

Every five years the Center for the Study of Global Christianity publicly releases a benchmark for tracking the globe's least evangelized peoples.

The listing, included in this quarter's update, is a definitive statement on the globe’s largest unevangelized peoples. It lists 247 ethnolinguistic peoples each with a population over 1 million and each with less than 50% evangelized in the year 2015.

It shows that almost two thirds of the population of 1.4 billion people in these least evangelized megapeoples have essentially no knowledge of Jesus Christ's life and claims. With one Christian for every 100 people, the 14 million Christians living among them overall are a tiny minority.

In fact, the five least evangelized megapeoples have not a single known Christian amongst 6 million people: the Bakhtiari of Iran; the Beja (Beni-Amer) of Sudan; the Dimili Kurd (Southern Zaza) of Turkey; the Southern Luri (Lori) of Iran; and the Laki (Leki, Alaki) also of Iran.

The full list can be seen from the World A Megapeoples link on the People's home page. As with all queries, it is immediately sortable by any of the fields displayed, and subscribers can add fields or change criteria to customize the listing.