World Christian Database

Evangelicals 1970-2010

Evangelicals are defined in the World Christian Database as "a subdivision mainly of Protestants consisting of all affiliated church members calling themselves Evangelicals, or all persons belonging to Evangelical congregations, churches or denominations; characterized by commitment to personal religion."

Some denominations are thus 100% Evangelical through their membership of bodies like the World Evangelical Alliance. Other denominations have smaller evangelical movements within them: individuals who identify as an Evangelical or who also attend an evangelical denomination.

Six new fields show the percentage and total number of affiliated Christians in 1970, 2000, and 2005 who are Evangelical, for each denomination. This extends the available time frame back from the 2010 data which was made available last year.

The fields are available for adding to any query that includes denominations data, and can also be seen in the 'Renewal' tab of the Denominations detail screens.

There is also a sample query called "Evangelicals by Denomination over time" on the Denominations home page. In some denominations the percentage change over time appears very small, and so the raw total numbers give a better impression of growth.