World Christian Database

Country memberships

A new feature of the World Christian Database allows analysis of data by groups of countries.

The group could be an intergovernmental organization such as NATO, or a geographic region such as the Middle East, or a group of countries with common history such as "Post World War 2 independence states".

For a listing of all the pre-defined groups see the query "All country groups and organizations".

Analysis can answer such questions as:

  • What is the largest religion in Commonwealth of Nations countries?

  • What intergovernmental organization has the lowest life expectancy across all its member countries?

  • Which "Organisation of Islamic Cooperation" member states are predominantly Christian?

  • Are there more Orthodox Christians in "OPEC" or the "Pacific Community"? (both with populations totalling about 400 million)

See the new Country membership home page for all the sample queries. Users can also add "Country memberships" fields to existing queries to allow group selection in any query based on the country table.