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Denominations in South Korea

Preliminary results from four surveys in South Korea are posted this quarter including denominations recorded for the first time, and updates to congregation counts and membership of existing denominations:

  • 2002 Hanguk-ui Jonggyo Sanghwang (2002 Status of Korean Religions),

  • Denomination Statistics, 2002 (Council of Churches in Korea),

  • Denomination Statistics, 2005 (Council of Churches in Korea), and

  • 2008 Hanguk-ui Jonggyo Sanghwang (2008 Status of Korean Religions).

The surveys provide raw data which must first be reconciled between denominations, to account for differences in the way denominations report their membership, and reconciled with the overall number of Christians in the country, to account for dual memberships. The resulting 'best estimates' are presented here for many denominations, with more to follow next quarter as reconciliation is completed.

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