World Christian Database

WCD Citations in 2007

National Geographic 1-Dec-07
States of Faith Map and Graph of Religious Followers by % of population, 2005

The Economist 3-Nov-07
In God's Name Graph of What the World Believes

The Washington Post 7-Oct-07
In the World's Rural Outposts, A Shortwave Channel to God Religious demography of Mozambique

Encyclopaedia Britannica Almanac 1-Oct-07
The 2007 Annual Megacensus of Religions Worldwide Adherents of All Religions, mid 2007

The Wall Street Journal 20-Sep-07
Episcopal Church Dissidents Seek Authority Overseas Graph of Christian Faiths around the World, 2005

Reuters 6-Aug-07
Preaching Transformation, U.S sect Goes Global Pentecostalism claims global following of 500 million.

The Washington Post 25-Jun-07
Seeking Answers with Field Trips in Faith 7% of the world's Christians--about 150 million--are on the move as pilgrims each year

The New Republic 4-Jun-07
The Believers 70 million Christians have been martyred since beginning of faith

The Economist 5-May-07
Lighting on New Faiths or None More than 80% of Latin Americans are still Catholic but the figure steadily is declining

The New York Times 19-Mar-07
Brazil's Top TV Preachers Land in Hot Water in Miami Brazil has overtaken the U.S. as the country with the largest Pentecostal population

Ottawa Citizen 3-Mar-07
China and the Rise of Faith: How Christianity Builds Democracy World Christian Trends places China as 4th largest Christian country in the world

CBS2-Los Angeles News 17-Feb-07
More Christians Attending Small House Churches House churches won't take over traditional ones but will be around a long time

The New York Times 14-Jan-07
House Afire- 3 Part Series Graphs of Pentecostal Population in NYC, all 50 U.S States, and worldwide

The Economist 23-Dec-06
Christianity Reborn Renewalists make up a quarter of world's population, 30 years ago it was 6%