World Christian Database

Brill publisher of the WCD

We are proud to announce that as of today Brill is the exclusive publisher of the World Christian Database.

Founded in 1683 in Leiden, the Netherlands, Brill is a leading international academic publisher in the fields of Biblical and Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Middle East and Islamic Studies, Social Sciences, as well as various other disciplines. With offices in Leiden and Boston (MA), Brill publishes more than a hundred journals and around five hundred new books and reference works each year. For more information about Brill please visit

We expect the World Christian Database and its users to benefit from Brill's long-time experience as a major publisher in the field of Religious Studies. Brill publishes several relevant titles which in the future will be linked to the World Christian Database in order to further enrich it. By using Brill's distribution network we will be able to better reach the international academic market and make the World Christian Database an even more widely-used resource. Of course, Brill and the World Christian Database team remain dedicated to offer you the best and most up-to-date information on world religion and global Christianity.