World Christian Database

About the World Christian Database

The World Christian Database transforms current religious statistics into a real-time analysis tool that takes just minutes to perform even detailed research. This comprehensive database brings together a fully updated and cohesive religious data set with a world-class database architecture. The result is a simple, yet powerful database tool that enables users to customize reports and download data for in use in charts, tables, and graphs. WCD Brochure

Clear, Comprehensive, Customized.
The World Christian Database (WCD) is based on the 2600-page award-winning World Christian Encyclopedia and World Christian Trends, first published in 1982 and revised in 2001. This extensive work on World religion is now completely updated and integrated into the WCD online database. Designed for both the casual user and research scholar, information is readily available on religious activities, growth rates, religious literature, worker activity, and demographic statistics. Additional secular data is incorporated on population, health, education, and communications.

Supported by Top Scholars
A full-time staff at The Center for the Study of Global Christianity is dedicated to updating and maintaining the World Christian Database. New information from thousands of sources is reviewed on a weekly basis to continually refine and improve the WCD. Most importantly, the staff at WCD derives much of their information from multiple cross-correlated sources and presents their final statistics such that they conform to data definitions and are consistent with related information throughout the database. This cohesive database enables users to quickly correlate variables or compare entity groups across multiple fields without spending hours to confirm consistency of measurement across data sources. Clear, Comprehensive, Customized.the World Christian Database is the complete source for religious statistics.  

Detailed religious & demographic statistics including:
•  Population (from 1900 to 2050.)
•  Demographics (birth rate, adult %, life expectancy)
•  Heath (HIV rates, access to water, mortality, .)
•  Education (% literacy, schools, Universities, .)
•  Communication,( scripture access, religious freedom)
•  Christian personnel &,evangelism rates
•  Status of missions work

Easy to Use
The World Christian Database features a simple keyword search to find information quickly. Information is conveniently displayed by category allowing the user to drill down to detailed information at their leisure. For those that prefer to browse, several pre-formatted directories guide users through the information on country, peoples, religions, and denominations. Sophisticated users can customize their searches using advanced Field and Criteria sorting routines. This enables users to find and organize exactly the data they need and format it the way they want.